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In Memoriam of Seth Webster



This photo of Seth and Bamboo conveys the depth of their bond, as they share a warm embrace.


It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of a dear friend, Seth Webster. To say that Seth will live on in the many people’s lives he’s touched would not do his character justice, as there is so much more to the story and the meaning of his life.


Seth was a man of true selflessness; with a radiant energy, that he shared with everyone he met. Seth never met a stranger. Everyone he became acquainted with, in any way, was treated as if they were lifelong friends. To know Seth, was a true privilege.


Many of the friends Seth made were through his involvement with guide dogs and relationships with people with disabilities, who are partnered with service dogs. Anyone who knew Seth, undoubtedly knew his constant companion, Bamboo; his guide dog. Seth affectionately referred to her as “Bam,” in casual conversation. The love and bond between Seth and Bamboo was unmistakable.


In the words of Seth’s mother, “When we were walking behind Seth & Bam, people would remark how he must have been a dog trainer, because they walked too fast for a blind person with a guide dog.” It is no surprise that Seth gently laughed about such comments and continued on his way. He and Bamboo were always happily on their way, together.


While Seth’s passing is a significant loss to all who knew him, I feel it’s safe to say that Seth would want us to channel the grief in our hearts into joyous celebration of his life. He has given us all so much, that to honor this, would be an invaluable final gift to him.



In this photo, both Seth and Bamboo express their contagious smiles.


Seth’s partnership with his guide dog, Bamboo, was made possible by the nonprofit organization, Guide Dogs for the Blind. Please click here if you’d like to make a donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind.








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