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Our Philosophy

Our Mission
To promote widespread understanding and respect for service dog teams.

Our Philosophy
We believe that in order for an individual who is unfamiliar with the concept of service dog teams to gain an understanding and respect for them, it is neither necessary that he or she is a dog lover, nor does the individual need any prior experience with members of the disabled community. The single attribute which must be present within an individual, to gain this understanding and respect, is a desire to better appreciate the various life journeys of his or her fellow human beings.

Please Don't Pet Me was established with a dedication to providing well-rounded, accurate information and various perspectives about the different aspects of service dog partnerships. However, it is not our goal to be any individual's only source for information on this subject. Rather, we hope that we will serve as only part of a ripple effect, by inspiring each person we reach to seek further understanding, to use this newfound appreciation in their daily lives and to share it with others.

It is our philosophy that the many goals that our mission is comprised of can be achieved through positive and proactive measures. Rather than emphasizing phrases like, service dog education, and raising awareness, we prefer to treat the spread of information about service dog teams as we would any other subject close to our hearts; through positive interpersonal communications and actions. We feel this is the best means of fostering unity and respect within the entire community.

A service dog team crosses the street.

A service dog and his handler work together to make strides, both literal and figurative, toward a safe and independent life

The focus of Please Don't Pet Me is not on the service dogs themselves, but rather on the partnerships between people with disabilities and the dogs who mitigate those disabilities that form service dog teams.

While our mission is geared toward those who may not be familiar with the concept of service dog teams, we are also highly dedicated to providing valuable resources and an online community support system for those who are partnered with or are considering a partnership with a service dog. Whether you've never heard of a service dog team before, have extensive experience with service dogs or fall anywhere in between, we will continually strive to offer relevant, meaningful content for everyone.

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