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Frequently Asked Questions about Please Don’t Pet Me

Q: What is the best way to contact Please Don’t Pet Me?
A: We correspond through e-mail. You can e-mail Please Don’t Pet Me administration at: admin@pleasedontpetme.comE-mails are usually responded to within 24 hours. Please be sure to be specific in your message.

Q: Who started Please Don’t Pet Me?
A: Please Don’t Pet Me was created by Elizabeth Bossoli, a novice service dog handler, who recognized the need for a new, unique approach to providing resources and support, as they pertain to service dogs and disabilities, to both the disabled community and the general public. To read more about who is involved with Please Don’t Pet Me, (coming soon!)

Q: Is Please Don’t Pet Me a business, association, nonprofit organization, etc.?
A: No. We currently recognize Please Don’t Pet Me as a “project.” We consider it to be a project with a mission to help others, without any financial gain for ourselves. The Please Don’t Pet Me project includes a variety of outlets to help us achieve our mission, including: the Please Don’t Pet Me website itself (, the Please Don’t Pet Me forum, which is a part of the Please Don’t Pet Me website (, the Please Don’t Pet Me page on Facebook (, the Please Don’t Pet Me (“TeamPDPM”) channel on YouTube ( and the Please Don’t Pet Me shop on CafePress, which helps support our efforts (

Q: Why is the Please Don’t Pet Me website so plain looking?
A: An inherent factor in operating a website about subjects relating to people with disabilities is that there will be many people, with a wide variety of disabilities, visiting the website. Therefore, accessibility is a high priority to us. Accessibility refers to a person with a disability’s ability to access a resource in a manner equal to how everyone else may do so. Various disabilities affect how an individual may be able to take in what they see. This can include people who are visually impaired or blind, people with neurological disorders and other disabilities.

In our efforts to keep the Please Don’t Pet Me website accessible to everyone, we will keep content as basic as possible by using easy to read font, stand alone images, with captions and descriptions of what each image depicts, a consistent layout and exclusion of elements like scrolling text, flashing or strobing images, etc. Some exceptions may apply, like embedded videos, but we will do our best to accommodate people’s various needs.

It is of high priority that the Please Don’t Pet Me website can work well with accessibility aids, like screen readers and other aids. Please contact us to tell us if there is anything we can do to make your experience on the Please Don’t Pet Me website more in accordance with your needs.

Q: I do not have a service dog and I am not disabled. Why was I referred to this website?
A: The mission of Please Don’t Pet Me is to promote widespread understanding and respect for service dog teams. In order to work toward that goal, we strive to make this website a valuable resource for a wide variety of information about service dog teams. Some possible reasons someone may have referred you to this website include, but are not limited to:

Q: Why doesn’t this website include a directory of service dog related organizations, websites, programs that provide service dogs to people with disabilities or similar entities?
A: At some point, we may decide to include a directory of such a manner. However, it is currently our priority to direct all of our focus on information, resources and a community that does not affiliate us with any particular organization or group of organizations. Including a list of service dog related organizations has several factors to be taken into consideration, including:

Some exceptions may apply. If we have had exceptionally positive, first hand experience with a business, we may choose to recommend its products or services. Please do not request a recommendation.

Q: Can I pay to advertise on the Please Don’t Pet Me website?
A: We’re sorry but we are not offering advertisement services.

Q: Do you make any profit off of Please Don’t Pet Me?
A: No, we do not. While Please Don’t Pet Me is not recognized as a nonprofit organization, we do operate in a not for profit manner. Any money we earn through the sale of merchandise in the Please Don't Pet Me shop on CafePress, the sale of our service dog cards or through individual donations goes toward our existing efforts, like the cost of maintaining this website and the Please Don't Pet Me shop on CafePress, costs associated with promoting this website, so that others may benefit from it, as a resource, and other costs that are associated with spreading information and support regarding service dog teams. To date, it would be safe to estimate that we have spent more money on Please Don’t Pet Me, out of pocket, than we have made.

Q: May I submit relevant content to be published on the Please Don’t Pet Me website?
A: We welcome any content, that belongs to you and you have permission to distribute. We will review any content sent to us and, at our discretion, we may publish it on the Please Don’t Pet Me website.

Q: May I create products that include the Please Don’t Pet Me name, dog logo, website URL, etc. to promote Please Don’t Pet Me or profit from?
A: No. We do not grant permission for others to use anything specifically related to or belonging to Please Don’t Pet Me for any products, whether for profit or not.

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