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Please Don’t Pet Me Facebook Page Rules

The Please Don’t Pet Me page on Facebook was established to be a safe, supportive community atmosphere for all types of service dog handlers and to facilitate constructive, informative and respectful dialogue.

We discuss various issues, relating to service dogs, and share ideas about how to make Please Don’t Pet Me the best that it can be.

Anyone with a legitimate interest in service dogs is welcome to join the Please Don’t Pet Me community.

Please observe the following rules before posting on the Please Don’t Pet Me page. By posting, you are acknowledging that that you will adhere to our forum's guidelines. The guidelines are amended periodically, and we will announce any changes, when they are made. Severe failure to comply with our guidelines may result in your posts being deleted and your account potentially being permanently banned from the page. Moderators and the Administrator will deal with problems that arise, using our best discretion.

Posts made by our members do not necessarily reflect the views of Please Don't Pet Me/the PDPM founder and administrator.


Above all: Respect others. Observe the “Golden Rule,” and treat others as you would wish to be treated. Respect each other’s differences, including those in opinion.

Do your part to keep the page fun, friendly, safe and supportive for the entire community.

Please keep posts as relevant to service dogs, dogs and disabilities as possible.


As with anything else you do on the internet, for your own security, exercise discretion when posting. Do not feel pressured to share any information that you are not comfortable with, like photos of yourself, your real name, your contact information, etc. Do not copy or share any content, of a personal nature, posted by another person, unless the poster or owner of the material has given you explicit permission to do so. Use discretion when using the Facebook “share” function.

We cannot guarantee that posts will not be shared by others. Please keep this in mind when posting.

Service Dog/Disability Etiquette

Statements that challenge another member’s need for a service dog or the suitability of a member’s dog to be used as a service animal are prohibited.

Please refrain from asking other members to assess your disability status or the appropriateness of your dog’s temperament to perform service work. These are questions best left to your doctor or professional dog trainer to answer.

If you "open the door" for training/handling advice or critique, please be prepared to receive input that you would rather have not gotten. Members cannot be faulted for addressing negative training/handling practices, as long as they approach doing so in a polite manner.

Strictly prohibited and subject to immediate deletion:

We ask that you NOT post any of the following:

Basic Etiquette

When necessary, agree to disagree.

Preface posts that others may find upsetting with a “Trigger” disclaimer. Examples of potential triggers are: Violence, death or sickness/injury of a service dog, symptoms of disabilities, etc.

Keep politics out of conversation, except to discuss disability or service dog legislation.

Keep the Page Easy to Read


Any information, advice or other forms of feedback from members of this forum should never replace the professional opinion of a medical doctor, veterinarian, qualified dog trainer or behaviorist.

Intentionally posting false information to the page is strictly prohibited. Many individuals are here to learn and intentionally providing inaccurate information is irresponsible. If you are not prepared to back up information you post with proof or a reputable reference, reconsider posting it or preface your post with a disclaimer stating that you are not certain that what you are posting is fact.

Moderator/Administrator Intervention and Disciplinary Action

Moderators and Administration may use their best discretion to determine the manner in which a problem will be dealt with. Moderators and admin reserve the right to take whatever action they deem necessary, in any given situation, including, but not limited to:

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