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Election Day 2012!

The Please Don’t Pet Me Page on Facebook

Please Don’t Pet Me operates a fan page on Facebook where all are welcome. It is just as much a way to learn more about service dogs and the service dog lifestyle as it is a place to network with others in the service dog community, even developing lasting friendships with the acquaintances you make.

On our fan page, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have about service dogs, share stories about your own experiences, take part in discussions about important service dog issues, share photos of your service dog, if you have one, and even submit photos of your service dog to appear on this website.

Whether you are a current, past or prospective service dog handler, a service dog trainer, a puppy raiser, volunteer or work for a service dog organization or simply want to learn more about service dog partnerships, we invite you to “like” our page and join in the fun!

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